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Zena Gottholm Art

Zena Gottholm is an artist and designer from Knoxville, and currently resides in Chattanooga Tennessee. She specializes in imaginative character work focused on nature and mythology. Her goal as a visual artist and muralist is to bring some wonder to the world, and for her illustrations and murals to be a catalyst for each viewers imagination.

Her art studio is located at Clearstory Arts Chattanooga on S Holtzclaw Ave, a new creative space housing over 40 local artists.

Gallery Exhibits 

+ Frequency Arts Gallery Chattanooga - Group Exhibit 2017

+ Bird House Gallery Knoxville - Solo Exhibit "Fever Dreams" 2017

+ The Palace Theater Gallery - Group Exhibit 2018                     

+ Stone Cup Gallery - Group Exhibit 2019

+ Frequency Arts Gallery Chattanooga - Solo Exhibit "Malice Palace" 2019

+ Hetzel Art Gallery Cleveland - Solo Exhibit "Syzygy" 2020

+ Wanderlinger Art Gallery - Group Exhibit 2021

+ Clearstory Gallery Chattanooga - Group Exhibit 2022


+ Artist Interview for The Chattanooga Pulse Newspaper

   October 10th, 2018 "Art Beyond Imagination"

+ El Burrito Blog Issue # 02 

    May 8th, 2019 "Entertainment Wrapped In One Bite" 

+ This Wonderful World Issue #07 

    August 2019 Artist Gallery

+ Perry, Madison. “Zena Gottholm: Bringing To Life The Strange And Colorful” 

   Scenic Trend, 23 Mar. 2020

+ Conversation Art "8 Amazing Visual Artists to Watch in 2020" May 2020


+ Movie Poster Design - Pandoras Box by Strange Films Productions Knoxville

+ Cloud Cost Control - Discovery Channel Logo Design

+ "Fin" Ops Shark Week Character Design - Discovery Channel

+ Choo Choo Dog Camp Chattanooga Logo Design

+ Stabby U Stables Knoxville Logo Design

+ Unicorn Sanctuary Knoxville Logo Design

+ Kids Empire - Mural Work

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